Print your images, Heirloom Albums

I will never get tired of telling people just how important it is to print your images. Even better for me is to tell a story through your images that can behold through a beautifully made album. Albums mean so much to me and if there is something I wish for my children to have in a future where I may not always be close, it would be albums full of their childhood memories I would most want them to have and cherish.  Albums they could perhaps share with their own children and grandchildren. Images and moments that will can remind them of how wonderful it is/was to be a child and to show them just how loved they were and still are.

Looking through my own families old family albums are one of most cherished past times when I get the chance to visit them. My family is now scattered all over the world and our family albums bring us back to the magical time when we are all together enjoying the endless pleasures of youth! I am making myself sound so old, when I know I am not, but I have my own children now and I want to recreate these amazing memories that I have when looking at my old family albums, and pass that legacy of their childhood onto them.

So make it a priority to print your images, resources these days are endless and there’s no excuse as to why you only have your images on your phone or computer!

These are a beautiful example of my Heirloom albums. A book that holds your memories; telling your story with every turn of its pages. Beautiful! xxx

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